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Air Control & Development were employed by a specialist shopfitter to provide specified cooling and ventilation equipment within the Hugo Boss retail unit at the new Westgate Centre in Oxford.

The Westgate Shopping Centre is a shopping centre in central Oxford, which has undergone a £ 440m redevelopment. The original centre was built between 1970–72. The centre was closed in February 2016 for comprehensive redevelopment, and is planned to re-open in October 2017.[2]

Ready for business: Westgate Centre ready to open its doors to thousands of shoppers

Westgate Oxford: New £440m shopping centre opens

The air conditioning is served by the centres condenser water system, so as Daikin D1+ Partners Air Control & Development were the perfect choice for supply and install of a Daikin VRV RWEYQ8T8 water cooled condensing unit serving two ducted FXSQ80A Medium static Ducted Fan Coil units on the sales floor and two FXAQ20P Wall mounted VRV Fan Coils in the staff and stock areas.

The Grilles supplied by Gilberts add the final touch of class for supplying the cooled air into to the sales area, without compromising the style of the store, whilst control of the system utilises the latest Daikin Intelligent controller with touch screen technology.

Post by Simon Robey
October 25, 2017