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Our air conditioning systems are designed with our customer’s needs in mind and we tailor solutions to suit the personal requirements of our clients.

We are often asked about the benefits of air conditioning and why our customers should invest, so we thought we’d highlight a few reasons.

It cools you down: The most obvious benefits of air conditioning is that it will keep you cooler. Office environments tend to be uncomfortable over the summer months when the sun is blazing outside and without air conditioning workers can literally wilt at their desk. Retail units become unbearable. A comfortable environment encourages customers to browse within a store. People are also less productive when they are hot, tired and uncomfortable, air conditioning eliminates this problem. In a hotel environment – a relaxed comfortable individual is more likely to re-book.

It warms you up: Air conditioning is useful over the winter months too, it cools you down in the summer but heat pump systems keep you warmer during the cold snaps as well. It’s fabulously functional and great for creating the perfect interior temperature whatever the time of year.

It removes moisture from the air: Air conditioning systems are a natural de-humidifier and therefore useful in damp or humid areas, they help to keep indoor humidity at an acceptable level. This can prevent mould, damp and other problems that are commonly attributed to moisture-related issues.

It reduces noise: On the hottest days of the year it’s tempting to open windows to let fresh air into the building. That’s okay if you work in a rural area where the only birds are singing but It’s not so good if your office is based in a city centre where traffic noise and the hustle and bustle of people will cause distractions. Fitting an air conditioning in your office, store, hotel or even at home keeps you cool and whisper-quite at the same time!

Post by Simon Robey
March 20, 2018