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Air Control & Development Ltd has experience in both installation and maintenance for hotels, whether for an independent owner or international brand.

In principal there is no difference in designing cooling system and ventilation systems for a hotel, it is merely the scale that brings the challenges. The hotel industry has a wide variety of different sizes and categories ranging from the ultimate in luxury to the small family run hotel. Each of these categories has its particular requirements which creates constraints when designing a system.

The choice for a small family run hotel is based on a economically priced system that is easy to use and has high energy efficiency. A high quality hotel will look for a system that ensures a high level of comfort in all guest rooms with full individual control, with both heating and cooling modes, yet has high energy efficiency and low operating costs. The larger hotel will also need to consider its various public areas, bars and restaurants. A highly energy efficient VRV / VRF heat pump system combined with the added benefits of a heat recovery air handling unit for the ventilation system reducing the energy consumption for a greener environment and meeting all of Part L building regulations. Both systems must be able to integrate with the building management systems.

Air Control & Development Ltd has the experience of utilising the most energy efficient VRV / VRF cooling equipment within the market place, together with energy efficient ventilation (Air Handling Units complete with heat exchanger and heat recovery) . One of our most recent projects was the installation within the reactant area at Park Inn Northampton, which underwent a significant refurbishment.

We also offer competitively priced packages for all your maintenance requirements to suit your individual needs. In-house maintenance of air conditioning systems may be difficult to schedule around your working hours. We can offer service times convenient to you and your business in order to minimise disruption.

Any HVAC service and maintenance contract with us ensures you comply with your manufacturer’s warranty.

Regular, reliable servicing prolongs the life of your equipment and reduces the risk of breakdown and keeps operating costs to a minimum.

Regular filter cleaning ensures optimum efficiently:

  • A nationwide team of engineers can attend quickly to any service call or breakdown
  • Bespoke system to log and track scheduled visits and call outs
  • All engineers certified for the safe handling of refrigerants and receive continual training through our partnership with Daikin, Toshiba and
  • Mitsubishi, keeping us compliant with all regulations
  • The new F-GAS regulation ( became law in 2006, for refrigeration gases. Our maintenance contracts ensure systems are F-GAS compliant

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