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Air Control & Development Ltd has vast experience of installing the most energy efficient cooling equipment within the market place, together with energy efficient ventilation (air handling units complete with heat recovery and heat exchanger) therefore reducing the energy consumption for a greener environment and meeting all of Part L building regulations. Office spaces do not require cooling by law. They do however require ventilation for occupants to meet building regulations.

So why have a cooling system for an office?

Air temperature should be maintained at a comfortable level to ensure people can work to their full potential without feeling over heated. Air conditioning can greatly improve the productivity of most modern offices, as it aids concentration of staff. Also, it is great for cleaning the air in offices as the process of air conditioning removes impurities in the air, such as dust, pollen and general dirt. This can be a real solution for hayfever and other summer allergy sufferers.

The latest energy efficient systems do not just cool! Why pay for a separate expensive, inefficient gas heating system when the latest technology automatically switches between heating and cooling as and when required.

In principal there is no difference in designing cooling system and ventilation systems for offices compared with any other building. The only issue is the type of units required, ducted, wallmount or cassette. Each system can be utilised to meet your company's individual tastes and requirements. Our expert designers can help you with making that choice.

So what about ventilation?

Ventilation is all about the requirement for air changes. An office space should ideally have 10 air changes per hour. Utilising the latest air handling technology is the best, most efficient and economic way to handle this requirement. Heat recovery units take the warm / conditioned air within a space, and mix that air with fresh air from the outside environment, eliminating the need for electric heating to temper the air. Imagine the feel of untempered fresh air on a cold winters morning - air temperatures of 3 degrees or less entering the work space. Not only would this be uncomfortable but there would be need for additional heating and therefore higher costs!

We also offer competitively priced packages for all your maintenance requirements to suit your individual needs. In-house maintenance of air conditioning systems may be difficult to schedule around your working hours. We can offer service times convenient to you and your business in order to minimise disruption.

Any HVAC service and maintenance contract with us ensures you comply with your manufacturer’s warranty.

Regular, reliable servicing prolongs the life of your equipment and reduces the risk of breakdown and keeps operating costs to a minimum.

Regular filter cleaning ensures optimum efficiently.

  • A nationwide team of engineers can attend quickly to any service call or breakdown
  • Bespoke system to log and track scheduled visits and call outs
  • All engineers certified for the safe handling of refrigerants and receive continual training through our partnership with Daikin, Toshiba and Mitsubishi, keeping us compliant with all regulations
  • The new F Gas regulation ( became law in 2006, for refrigeration gases. Our maintenance contracts ensure systems are F Gas compliant

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